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Snijders is your trusted partner in engineering, both hard and software for the maritime and industrial markets. During design, we set ourselves to success in delivering low voltage systems or automation solutions that meet all agreed and statutory requirements. When going through design, we establish continuous communication with you to ensure that we align what we deliver to your needs. We strive to create power systems and automation solutions that seamlessly fit in with your systems.

Our value of cooperation results in a highly professional partnership with you that enables us to foster discussions to create a custom power system or automation solution. As Snijders values continuous improvement, we are up to date of all the automation technologies. With our extensive knowledge on electrical engineering and automation, we seek to provide you with the value of trust as we are positioned to advise and support you in making the right choices to achieve the best mechanical, electrical,or combined solutionfor you during design.


Our Approach to Design

At Snijders, we start by analyzing your power needs and what you are looking for in a solution. Our specialists work with the latest technologies in power systems and automation solutions, and keep up with the trends and innovation in the industry. This enables us to provide you with dedicated advice from our understanding in electrical engineering and automation to assist with deciding on hardware or developing a system that reflects your requirements.

Based on your requirements, we draw up electrical specifications and the extent of the system. These specifications are then discussed with your electrical engineers to gauge alignment. This helps us to provide you with potential solutions and narrow down the most efficient and effective system for you. As we continue to fine-tune these requirements, our open approach to communication fosters an environment to collaborate with you, allowing us to drill down further to make sure that our solutions work effectively and efficiently with your current systems.

As a result, we aim to establish a solid foundation to prepare us for developing a solid and reliable electrical or automated low voltage operating system.


Engineering of Marine Low Voltage Switchboards

Design Marine switchboards that are catered to the low voltage systems on your vessel

Engineering of Industrial Control Panels

Snijders industrial control panels are all certified in accordance with the European and American standards. As a result, our panels increase the safety for your employees.

Engineering of Variable Speed Drive Systems

To create optimized and energy efficient processes, we can engineer variable speed drive systems that adjust to a wide range of speeds.

Creating acceptance testing documentation for Hardware and Software

Creating the acceptance testing documentation during design ensures that we are able to measure up what we deliver to your requirements.

Generating functional description for software development

Functional descriptions provide transparency for what the solution can and cannot do while creating a common understanding of the project’s timeline.

Project management

Our experience in the industry has provided us with the necessary skillsets to manage the delivery of your project with increased collaboration and efficiency.

Knowledge of shipping rules: DNV, BV, CCS, ABS, Lloyds

Our understanding of the rules and regulations minimize risks in delivery delays for your solutions.

Installation activities on machinery equipment

It is essential to focus on installations with high performance and the ability to withstand extreme conditions inthe maritime industry. Snijders checks for quality control for both hard or software as a part of the installation so that you can be confident in the solutions that we provide.

Testing of Marine Low voltage switchboards

We will go through several tests for our marine low voltage switchboards. This is to determine whether the solution works within the voltage required by the customer and that all the components are working without complications.



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