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Commissioning and Maintenance

Our dedicated team provides support throughout the entire process, from bid to commissioning and maintenance. Keep your mind at ease as Snijders will deliver the optimal solution that meets your needs and operational safety and assist in troubleshooting through commissioning and maintenance.

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As your reliable partner, Snijders provides maximum support throughout the commissioning process to verify whether the order fulfills your requirements. Snijders can offer you both on or off-site pre-commissioning or commissioning wherever you are. Ensure that our systems can be installed smoothly without complications with pre-commissioning to prime and check for proper wiring. Commissioning and testing are then carried out on installations to verify its safety and fulfillment of design requirements for both mechanical and electrical specifications.


Our support does not end with the delivery of our solutions. To maximize your system or solution’s efficiency and productivity, we offer you maintenance services that you can rely on for assistance. Our remote access enables us to be able to provide you with remote monitoring and assistance, as well as offering our services 24/7, internationally. We can conduct routine system health checks, functional inspections, and technical inspections to prevent malfunctions and keep systems running smoothly. All of Snijders’ service engineers are VCA certified, ensuring that they adhere to all the safety, health, and environmental standards.


In the rare case that an incident occurs, we are here to assist you in finding the most efficient way to fix the issue.


Snijders also supplies spare parts and will be able to advise you on the best parts necessary to enhance the longevity of your hardware. Even after delivery, we will supply you with spare parts to be of service to our customers.


The Snijders team is available to support you every step of the way to deliver your intelligent automation solutions.


Start-up of the electrical installation

Snijders can assist you in checking whether the electrical installation has been done correctly to start using the solution delivered.

Testing Industrial control panels

We will go through several tests for our marine low voltage switchboards. This is to determine whether the solution works within the voltage required by the customer and that all the components are working without complications.

Testing of Software

Ensures the delivery of bug-free software that is ready for our customers to use.

Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)

Snijders offers a final check for the safety and confirmation of meeting design requirements that have previously been checked with factory acceptance testing to make sure our solution is up to par with your expectations.

24/7 Support, remote support

Remote support

Preventative Maintenance

Avoid major breakdowns of the systems and solutions through preventative maintenance. Snijders can check on the health of your systems and solutions and provide relevant recommendations.



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