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Assemble and Develop

Snijders can assist you with both hard and software as your partner in automation solutions. Through our expertise, we can provide advice on what hardware is best to optimize your process and help you assemble and produce hardware from scratch to suit your needs. Our hardware is simple and easy to use, which guarantees convenience and serviceability. 


We are also able to develop personalized industrial automation software that meets the specifications of your hardware and current processes. We pride ourselves on creating installations and systems that are reliable, have excellent usability, and are fuss-free. 


We will build and put together custom solutions for the client’s needs, ensuring that every installation works at optimal efficiency for the job at hand. When our hardware and software come together, they work in harmony, creating a detail-orientate, easy-to-use system. 


Assemble and Develop

Our calculated, detailed approach to our solutions has been applauded by our clients. We work together with our clients throughout the designing and testing so that changes can be made at any time to guarantee optimal efficiency. When producing and creating our panels, software and hardware, we are open and transparent about our approach, making sure that we are able to deliver products that are up to par and aligned with what our clients expect from our solutions.


We look forward to working with other global leaders to create custom-built hardware and software solutions for a variety of needs and specifications.


Assembly of Marine low voltage switchboards

These industry-standard low voltage switchboards are built according to your needs and specifications, taking into account thelimited space available on seabound vessels. These are able to withstand the harsh and often extreme conditions of the marine industry, where rough seas are commonplace.
wrench and screwdriver

Assembly of Industrial control panels

Our UL Certified industrial control panels assure high levels of efficiency while covering all of the client’s needs and requirements in terms of software and hardware. We will walk the client through the process, offering our advice and listening to their specific needs.

Assembly of Variable Speed Drive System

Variable speed drives come with several advantages over fixed speed drive systems, including being more energy-efficient, as they are able to adjust the speed of the motor on the fly. They are also able to reduce the amount of noise and reduce overall wear on components.

Develop Control Logic

We are honored to have worked with several of the world’s largest industrial manufacturers, creating control logic for them. We have had the pleasure of working with companies such as Siemens Mitsubishi Allen Bradley, among several others

Develop Human Machine Interface

Alongside the development of control logic, we have also been proud to work with other globally renowned manufacturers to develop a human-machine interface. These companies include: Siemens Indusoft Weintek



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