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Optimal solutions

Across the globe, there are already over a thousand ships in the maritime industries that are fitted with or supported by our Intelligent Automation solutions. Since our inception in 1984, we have acquired a vast amount of knowledge and experience with electrical engineering and automation solutions. We can advise you on low voltage and automation systems options, but we are also happy to manage the design and delivery. In addition, we can extensively test your existing low voltage systems and upgrade and maintain them where necessary. As a result, we can provide optimal solutions for new ships and low voltage systems and automation. 


The automation solutions we offer also provide remote control and access options, ensuring that no matter where you are, we can always support your low voltage power installations or your integrated automation application. We can apply our solutions to several types of vessels, including inland vessels and supply tankers. Through our personalized service, we can deliver an integrated power system, which gives you a reliable picture of the total functioning of your ship. We have extensive knowledge of the following shipping rules: DNV, BV, CCS, ABS, Lloyds. Our understanding of these rules and regulations helps to minimize risks in delivery delays for your solutions.

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Marine Industry

Working with Snijders


When working with clients, we always look for the most suitable solutions and use the latest techniques in remote monitoring and remote access. For instance, by installing our frequency drive panels for cargo pumps, there is greater control over the unloading of the product while also gaining the ability to use several pumps simultaneously and extra emergency stop functions. These have the additional benefit of adding a longer life to the pumps and flexibility to their use. We provide these services and more 24/7 and worldwide. 


Analyzing your power needs starts with drawing up electrical specifications and giving an initial indication of the extent of the system. We then discuss this information with your electrical engineers to ensure that all involved are on board with what is to be done. The aim is always to ensure that the power systems or automation solutions seamlessly fit your other systems. Once we agree on the extent of the system, we can embark on the project. A high degree of professionalism is guaranteed. All low voltage systems or automation solutions we provide meet all agreed and statutory requirements.  


We have a great deal of experience installing our power systems on tankers and then providing an automation solution for the entire process associated with unloading liquid cargo.

We can provide:

      • Analysis options for preventive maintenance based on PC techniques reducing downtime and cost.
      • Visualizations and warnings for temperature, pressure level, and vibration measurements. This all occurs on panels that meet a high standard and quality are easily maintained and safe to use.
      • A system for remote data analysis and service to have further control of unloading the product.
      • Frequency drive panels for the cargo pumps that extend their lifetime and flexibility.
      • PLC operation to control the frequency drives
      • ATEX I/O stations on deck

Challenges facing the industry

Data collection is a common problem, if not correctly optimized, can cause a reduction in fuel consumption, which adds cost and added negative impacts to the environment. Our response to this is our use of the Digital Twin, a virtual model of the physical system that helps predict and foresee any problems. With this downtime, costs are reduced as problems are taken care of before they occur. The maritime industry requires extensive knowledge of classifications and rules, with each client having unique issues that need unique solutions.

Dredging Industry

Snijders Intelligent Automation delivers low voltage power systems installed onboard the most advanced and complex dredging ships. We offer low voltage systems and automation solutions for cutter dredgers or trailing suction hopper dredgers, which all meet the highest standards for the dredging industry.

Working with Snijders

Our electrical engineers, in close consultation with your system engineers, design a ‘single line’ to provide an overview of the total power control of users on board. Our primary focus here is on the vibrations constantly present on board a dredging ship, as we would need to build solutions that can withstand these conditions. We provide excellent low voltage systems that integrates the mechanical and electrical design, and perform a Factory Acceptance Test to ensure that what we deliver meets the design requirements. We can then commission the systems ourselves on-site or during a sea trial if desired.

Challenges facing the industry

We designed and built the entire low voltage distribution system for an internationally operating dredger on behalf of a renowned builder of dredging ships. For this our work involved the following:

      • Design of the electrical switchboards and the emergency switchboard, and the control of the frequency drives for various winches on board the dredging ship.
      • Build and FAT of the designed low voltage systems.
      • Produce the as-built drawings.


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