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“Snijders Intelligent Automation – the service partner for all automated processes on your ship”

Internal Logistics

Working Process

Snijders has extensive knowledge of the electronic control and automation of internal logistic systems. For example, we have built systems that involve conveyor belts, baggage handling systems, and logistic distribution centers.


When developing these low voltage power systems, they are always designed in consultation with you and what your requirements are. The concept of partnership is a crucial factor for us in building a long-lasting and fruitful relationship.


This relationship takes us from the initial design to the eventual development and production of the operation system. From there, we will work in tandem to commission to the system and continue to optimize where necessary.

Other Capabilities

Structural steel and bolts

Delivering Simplicity and Flexibility

“We really have the feeling that they are there for the customer.”

Preventative Maintenance

Avoid major breakdowns of the systems and solutions through preventative maintenance. Snijders can check on the health of your systems and solutions and provide relevant recommendations.

24/7 Support, remote support

Remote support

Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)

Snijders offers a final check for the safety and confirmation of meeting design requirements that have previously been checked with factory acceptance testing to make sure our solution is up to par with your expectations.

Testing of Software

Ensures the delivery of bug-free software that is ready for our customers to use.

Testing Industrial control panels

Tests and inspections are done to ensure that the industrial control panels are delivered, installed, and operating safely according to the requirements set during design.

Working with Snijders

During the start phase of the design, we are also involved in calculating the processing speed of the internal logistic system to ensure that it meets with your requirements and current working environment.


We are constantly seeking to improve in order to provide the optimal result for you. This has led to innovation in the integration of our electrical systems and automation solutions with barcode scanners, print solutions, and Vision systems.


Logistic indicators –such as processing speed, downtime, and efficiency measurements –are translated into management information systems. In this way, we provide a clear dashboard of the performance of your internal logistic system.


Due to our experience in the field, we are consistently aware ofall available automation options. This ensures that we can help you make the right choices to achieve the best mechanical, electrical, and combined solutions during the design process.


We believe that a genuine, long-lasting partnership can take shape due to the relationship between us as a supplier and you as a client on the basis of equality. The result of our partnership is a solid and reliable electrical and automated low voltage operating system that fits your needs and solves your problems.

Challenges Facing the Industry

An example of how we work is when we partnered with a processing company for potted plants. Snijders developed a sorting system based on barcode scanning during this time.  

Our services involved:

      • Describing the electrical functional design in a way that all involved can understand and act on.
      • Engineering and writing industrial software.
      • Production of the low voltage operating cabinets.
      • Commissioning and cabling on-site, taking the hassle of cable management away from them.
      • Integration of the barcode scanning with an ejection system.

Another way we put our work into action was for an existing production line in the vegetable processing industry. For this, we also gave advice relating to safety. This partnership resulted in better working conditions and a safer working situation.


Our work included the following:

      • Advice on improving the current power control of the vegetable processing line.
      • Implementation of our recommended electrical system changes into the existing system.
      • The new electrical operating system was assessed and transferred to the client’s technical department.

Food Processing and Agriculture

Snijders has implemented numerous low voltage and industrial automation solutions for processing companies and end-users in the food processing industry and agricultural industry. Together with our original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), we have installed electrical systems worldwide, regularly delivering low voltage power systems to the food processing industry.


Through our work in this industry, we have extensive expertise in the field of hazard analysis and critical control point regulations. Such regulations ensure that biological, chemical, and physical hazards are reduced as much as possible to guarantee a safe food product. Our low- voltage systems are manufactured in line with UL and NEN/IEC-standards, making sure that we can demonstrate safety, security, and deliver quality. We are a reliable partner for food processing and agricultural business operation worldwide.

Working with Snijders

The solutions we provide are based on optimizing processes and improving the overall system efficiency. We help to process information like the necessary capacity and the KPIs associated with the client’s needs. We work together to keep things simple and easy to understand so that all associated engineers and teams can be kept up to date hassle-free. 


Our service team is available 24/7 to support these electrical systems and automation solutions based on remote access.

Food and Agricultural Processing​

Working in this industry presents many unique challenges, such as the danger posed by the machinery for poultry processing involving sharp components for cutting and de-skinning. We have installed intelligent electrical operating systems on many cutting lines for a leading machine factory that operates worldwide in the poultry processing industry. Safety measures on these lines ensure that all engineers and machine operators are kept safe through the use of easy-to-use, no-nonsense, reliable panels. Our panels are easy to maintain and of the highest quality. Our work also includes the following:

      • Drawing up a simple electrical basic design to process information such as capacity and associated KPIs.
      • Production of industry-standard low voltage systems.
      • Cabling and electrical commissioning of the installation.
      • Monitoring the efficiency of the line.
      • Integration of the weighing systems.
      • Integration of the Vision systems.
      • Data collection regarding the functioning of the installation. This helps us to collect data for predictive maintenance, identifying problems before they occur so that parts can be replaced as soon as necessary.

Industrial Cleaning Installations​

For a supplier of industrial cleaning installations, we are the house supplier of the electrical operating systems for these installations. Such installations are often exposed to extreme conditions, both in terms of use and maintenance. The hardware needs to withstand harsh conditions such as exposure to water, heat and cold, and of extreme movement of the entire installation. We meet these problematic conditions by selecting the optimal components and adding climate control to the panels.


Our work includes:

      • Design of the easy-to-understand electrical operating systems.
      • Production of the operational panels utilized in the process.
      • Cabling of the whole installation.
      • Development of the interface software for the operation.
      • Electrical commissioning of the entire installation.



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