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About Us

Designer and Manufacturer

Snijders is the designer and manufacturer of automation solutions. With our specific knowledge of low voltage systems, we are your ideal partner, offering automation solutions for the maritime and industrial industries. Within the industrial market, we have extensive expertise in industrial automation, focusing on the internal logistics sector and the food processing and agricultural industry.

Working Process

Our well-trained employees are used to working based on the highest possible classification norms for low voltage systems, both in industrial and in maritime power systems. Every client has different needs, so we closely monitor the latest technical developments in the field of remote monitoring, data analysis, and new electrical engineering components to guarantee the right solution for the right client. 


1. Hearing your vision

We will first start out with your vision of automation and how Snijders can help. Throughout every step in the process, we are continuously in dialogue with you and your system engineers to ensure that all understand the job at hand and what is necessary. Through years of experience, our engineers are there, ready to meet your requirements and expectations. 


2.Technical proposal

Once we have worked with your team to understand your situation, we will create a technical proposal for the project. This helps both your team and ours to understand the task at hand by giving a whole picture of the situation. Based on your needs and specifications, we will propose what technology is needed, how much space is necessary, what voltage to use, what type of cabling to use, and what temperature the workroom will need. This also helps the teams understand the lead time of the project and considers how the situation may change over time. 


3. Design solution

The solutions we provide are custom to each industry and the power systems that our clients use. They will utilize custom automation solutions, electric panel constructions, and industry-standard low voltage power systems, all of which meet all international standards.


4. Post purchase support

We offer worldwide 24/7 service support. This means we can help you achieve the best possible performance for your industrial or maritime application. 



All of this results in offering our clients the best electrical engineering or automation solutions. Working together, we can optimize your entire supply chain: for your company, your employees, and your suppliers.

Our Values

We are honored to share our values with our parent company, Taiko holdings.The values of Trust, Cooperation, and Improvement are ingrained in our employees for all actions they take to ensure that we instill trust with our clients and build long-term relationships.


We build respect and trust with our customers and employees by overcoming barriers, embracing differences, and treating everyone equally. We will do our utmost best to deliver the right system that all involved can understand and solve our clients’ problems.


We ensure our customer’s success through our employees coming together in shared practices and collaboration. We cooperate with the client to make sure they understand our work at each stage of the process, providing clarity and easy-to-understand answers.


We strive to constantly improve our services and business practices, which directly impacts and brings value to our clients. Through this improvement, we are loyal to our clients, some of which we have had relationships for over 20 years, a long time in a young industry.

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History of Snijders


Snijders was established on 4 December 1984 by Ger Snijders in Zuid-Beijerland. Originally started as an electrical installation company, each evening Ger would build control panels for industrial washers. His customer base quickly expanded, and Ger Snijders soon needed to hire his first employee.


Moved from Zuid-Beijerland to Numansdorp due to growth.


Snijders became part of Marflex Holding. Snijders moved to Oud-Beijerland to better collaborate with Marflex, and expanded to focus on the Maritime industry.


Snijders became a Marflex Holding member of Taiko Holdings.


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